What a time it’s been, what a time it is. There have been major setbacks to the Big Kitty band–the lineup and the name are changing, and the studio we’re going to record our new album in has had to move into a new location unexpectedly. This will set back the possibility of recording for a little while–though the songs, the band, the name, these things are not fully matured yet either. I expect the beginning of the new year is the time.

This isn’t the end, however; it’s the beginning. It would be unkind to get into the details of what went wrong, but I feel myself that what had to happen did happen. Change helps us see the world with freshness, as if for the first time, and the changes that have come are rejuvenating. I’ve been inspired to go a lot deeper into the sounds of words that haven’t been invented yet. The spirit of work is here, and if the muses wish it, those dear ones, this will be a fantastic record.

Also, at this point I’m leaning toward self-releasing the record. This would require some additional personal expense, but would allow us to make 1)Potentially a double album and 2) an exceptionally fine album sleeve on nice card stock, with stories and wonders inside.

I hope the freshness I feel now is what the album will give whoever listens to it, a pure feeling of being alive.

Now enjoy that feeling while meeting with family and friends this week. Thank you everybody, walk in the woods, think of the less fortunate, be thankful.


The recording project is underway; Mike Pack and Alex Norfleet are moving into their new spot and we will be doing the actual recording in mid/late November.  There are many quite fine new songs, too many to fit onto a record, which is always extra fine.  The next show here will be on November 7 at Sluggo’s, where I’ll be playing with Madeline from Athens, GA.  The MakeWork final celebration will be happening the 3rd of December at Create Here and I’m excited that it’s going to be there where it’s nice and cozy.  The Meacham Writers’ workshop is also this weekend I’m excited to remind you all.

Please now, do donate to MakeWork so they can continue to fund art in Chattanooga.  Write “MakeWork” in the blank marked “Purpose,” and you’ve done a good deed.

Thank you all, just for being you.


Ah, hello there.  I thought I heard someone rummaging around in the pantry–friendly sound!  My provisions are rustic, no doubt, but hearty and will satisfy the most wolvish hunger.  Take off your hat, seat yourself by the fire and let me tell you the good news.

I’m very happy to say that the musical ensemble Big Kitty has two very exciting performances on the horizon, in venues at which we have yet to play in our young and bright history.  The first will occur on Monday the 3rd of October at the Collective Warehouse in St. Elmo, where along with The Back Pockets from Atlanta we will attempt to please and to educate in equal measure.  If you are too shy to dance, why not bring a mask?  It may unlock your spirit.  Our second night of thrills arrives at Barking Legs Theater on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the 26th of November.  It tickles me to play an early show, a rare treat, at a venue you will feel comfortable inviting your grandmother to.  And please do–we sing especially for the elderly.

At this year’s Meacham Writers’ Workshop I (Clark Woodham Williams) will be teaching a songwriting workshop.  Entrance to the class is free; please see the website for submission guidelines.  Don’t miss out on the many wonderful readings of original fiction and poetry by world-renowned authors that take place during this workshop; far too few in Chattanooga know its biannual, gratis pleasures.

I’m very excited to begin recording the new songs, and pending the relocation of the NorfleetPack conglomerate studio we will be accomplishing that posthaste.  Much affection to you, and do tell your loved ones you love them.  Don’t back away from the harsh winds of time and change but let them blow over you, chilly though they may be, and let affection warm you that warms by the giving.

Speed ye onwards sweet friend,

Clark Woodham Williams

Many thanks to all ye fine folks who came to the record release show on Friday at JJ’s.  I believe I noticed a bright, white orb perched high in the sky, and a man looking down from it–some call him the Man in the Moon.  He was surveying us, to make sure everyone was safe yet unencumbered enough to jiggle an ankle or two.  I saw the morning sun at Rock City the next day as the New Binkley Brothers and myself serenaded the brave and decent Rock Citizens, and he relayed to me that the Man in the Moon was not disappointed with the quality of Friday’s festivities.  I certainly had a blast, and it was truly a thrill to be able to share the exquisite gourmet flavors of El Yucateca hot sauce with several clever attendees who answered trivia questions, as well as the winners of the rather cutthroat dancing contest.

We are moving ahead with the album preparations, getting our instruments polished and shined and working up arrangements to new songs.  It’s pretty dang fun to play new stuff I do admit.

This Thursday, I will be playing a solo acoustic set at Rock City’s Fireside Nights series.  I’m mighty excited about it as I haven’t done a solo set in some years, and I’d say you can expect relaxation, perhaps some George Jones and Porter Wagoner renditions and some a capella numbers.  You can’t beat Rock City for a beautiful, mystical, historical, natural, peaceful, gnomish, rocky landscape through which to squeeze thyself.

The next full-band Big Kitty show will be at Sluggo’s on August 30, with Hurray for the Riff Raff of New Orleans and the illustrious, formidable krakatoa that is Ming Donkey.  It would please the moon if you came with loose shoes!  Until next time my pals,
Clark Williams

Warmest salutations to all curious readers of this blog, a chronicle of the band Big Kitty.

This is a big summer for Big Kitty; we have already released one single: Waterfall of Love b/w The Carp Song on Young Monster Records, which is available here:  http://weareyoungmonster.com/index.php?/projects/records/.  We’re also fortunate to be collaborating with California’s the Blushin’ Roulettes on a split single to be released by Mauled By Tigers records.  Last but not least, Recess Records in San Pedro, California is releasing our first full-length LP, Florence.  The release party for that record will be August 12 at JJ’s Bohemia.

While we’re releasing these records, we’re planning our next major recording, and we’re happy to announce that we received a MakeWork grant to help us make a bigger and better recording.  We’ve already begun to get our instruments aligned, tuned, dressed and gussied up so they sound extra sweet on all the new songs we’ve been working on.  The actual recording will happen in the fall, and if you come out to any Big Kitty shows in the meantime, we’ll be sure and play all the new songs we can without nudging out the old favorites.

Well, we hope you all have as fine a summer as we are and eat lots of barbecue and ripe tomatoes and go swimming and make limeade for the children and mint juleps for the adults.